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Dear Michele, I understand that we must refrain from intercourse prior to marriage. Would sharing orgasms with a committed partner, without intercourse, be acceptable for couples in their 50’s? Dear How Far, I want you to know that many, many people across all ages have your same question but do not have the courage to ask it.You are not going to hear the same “just don’t do it” message from me, because it does not work.Marriage provides the context for healthy, life-affirming, God-honoring sex.But that is only possible when both husband and wife give themselves to one another without the hindrances that sexual addiction creates.Recently, I discovered that May is International Masturbation Month. And quite quickly, a good friend of mine quipped back, “Yup, masturbation and meditation is all we need for world peace! Mainly because these two acts are a couple of the most potent forms of self-love. I shared this discovery with all my friends, hitting on the idea that if we all masturbated on a daily basis, the world would be a more peaceful place.Whether using your mouse or fingers (for mobile users), your goal is to make Happy, “your friendly neighborhood vulva,” orgasm.The more orgasms you give her, the more moves, powerups and lessons you unlock.

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We sat in meditation together one day, her leading a group of us ladies through a mind journey into our sensual loving selves.After all, legitimate sexual expression is one of the reasons Christians marry!That said, if your masturbating is linked to deeper struggles with, or addictions to, fantasy or porn, then I do think you should get help for those problems before proceeding in marriage.TL; DR: In the field of sex education, Happy Play Time is in a class of its own.As a fun and informational online game, Happy Play Time is putting an end to the cultural stigma surrounding female masturbation – one orgasm at a time.How much should I share with my boyfriend about my sexual past? Listen in as Juli and two of her single friends answer your questions about sex and dating.